Dear students!

On behalf of Kharkiv National Medical University I warmly welcome you to study at KNMU and spend your studentship in the city of Kharkiv!

Most of higher educational establishments all over Ukraine are situated in Kharkiv with total number of schools exceeding 50 institutions and huge international students community.

Kharkiv National Medical University is one of the oldest medical schools in Ukraine integrated into scientific, medical and research history of the country. Founded in 1805, it is presently a member of the International Association of Universities and other various respectful medical establishments worldwide. KNMU has acquired invaluable experience in training doctors, which has led to incredibly high quality of medical education. KNMU degree is recognized worldwide and present number of 10 000 international students studying medicine in 2019-2020 academic session is likely to increase dramatically in the next coming years.

Teaching staff, students and other members of the University enjoy a cheerful day-to-day interaction inside the University, in hospitals and research centers, at scientific conferences. Our mission statement articulates acknowledgment in which study Medicine makes an indispensable contribution to international medical education.

On this note, may we warmly invite you, after your virtual tour, to visit us here in beautiful Kharkiv.

We look forward to seeing you!

Best wishes,

Kapustnyk Valeriy Andriyovych
Honored Scientist of Ukraine,
Doctor of Medical Science, Professor
Rector of Kharkiv National Medical University