Sports & Arts

“When you join a medical course, you are not just going to university – you are entering a pathway that will set you up for life” intorduction.

The students’ life goes not only in the classrooms and in libraries. Outside of studies, relationships and spiritual atmosphere forming the values that will determine their future life. KNMU has all the necessary conditions for it. Campus makes up the students dwelling area, which comprises the sports complex, hostels, buildings of a University and other special places, thus enabling the students to spend their time in rewarding way. The students’ life is full of events. Those are holidays, meetings, sport competitions, concerts, dance parties, traditional festivals etc.

Being a medical student is not all about studying medicine. Equally, playing in a sports team will help you function with other people. Sports and societies also provide an opportunity to take a leadership and organizational role, which once again will become very important in a clinical context. There is an important balance to be struck between working and having a life.

KNMU provides its students with all opportunities for full-fledged personal development and professional growth!