Why choose KNMU?

Few Reasons to Choose KNMU

There are many things to consider when choosing where to study. Here are some main reasons, why we’re confident that Kharkiv National Medical University is the right choice for you.

Impeccable reputation of the university

Kharkiv National Medical University – an innovative educational institution, has a glorious history and continues to develop dynamically. For more than two hundred years our university has been raising high-class specialists, true professionals of their field, who successfully work for the development of medical science and practical health care. In our university you will receive not only fundamental theoretical preparation, but also practical practical skills, which will become the pledge of your professional growth and full personal development.

Outstanding academics and professional training

Very good academic opportunities at KNMU mean that the University is reliably classified among the top in Ukraine. Excellent student satisfaction, world-leading quality of research, and high teaching standards are a strong demonstration of students’ dedication to KNMU. The University offers a wide variety for supporting students in their academic studies and beyond. KNMU is one of the best universities in Ukraine – our teaching staff includes many national and world subject leaders; and as well as lectures, seminars and practicals, you receive more personal training through the control system.

Resources and facilities

Jobs assurance

Graduates of KNMU are highly employable and greatly sought after due to the key transferable skills you develop and hone here. Studying at KNMU sharpens critical thinking and time-management skills and equips students for a wide range of employment opportunities in Medical field. At KNMU, you will find useful career planning tools, tips and information to help you prepare yourself for a career in medicine and make the right decisions for your future career pathway. Whatever specialization you choose you can be sure of a rewarding career; doctors and medical professionals graduated from KNMU are well respected the world over and rates of pay are very high.


Support and connections for life

Our students come first. That’s why our teaching staff will encourage you through tough times, inside and outside your course. We’ve got experts to show you how to write your best ever assignment and current students and graduates to give extra help during class. We make sure our students are safe and secure in the University premises as well as hostel compound. Students are brought together by their talent and passion for their subject, and being around other interested students can cultivate yours strengths and skills as much as academic life itself. Learn about your new friends’ perspective on the world as well as plenty about yourself. You’ll develop skills that will be valuable for work too. Stay connected after you graduate as part of our global alumni community.

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