The degree of KNMU is recognized and highly respected all over the world. Graduates of the University are welcomed at all the countries, where proficiency and qualification are the top values to emphasize in medical profession.

The growth of the role of education and science in society, together with internationalization of education - these global trends of international component in the activities of the University as a prerequisite for its integrated development. International cooperation and recognition is the top priority of the KNMU, and evermore develops under the integration of Ukrainian higher education into the world education system.

The main international activities of the university's are:

  • educational services for foreign students;
  • participation in international grants programs, conferences, seminars, symposiums;
  • cooperation with foreign institutions;
  • development of international academic and scientific mobility, participation in international educational and scientific programs;
  • intensification of international projects among University departments and implementation of international projects;
  • introducing a distance learning courses for individual disciplines in order to attract foreign students at KNMU;
  • activation of research work with foreign universities KNMU co-partners aimed to development and introduction into the educational process with double diplomas;
  • grants opportunities for the participation of students and teachers in international educational programs, including internships;
  • coordination of the University activities for the development and implementation of international agreements and agreements.

The expansion of international relations, and the participation in international organizations contribute to KNMU recognition worldwide and growing authority in the international arena.

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