Sports & Arts


“Good health is the greatest asset” – is the motto on the emblem of Kharkiv National Medical University. To save this assert one must live a healthy lifestyle, a key element of which is physical training. The students are provided with all conditions necessary for going in for sports. There are 3 gymnasia (for games, gymnastics and heavy athletics) at the University.

The University’s Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine with a Course of Physical Education and Health meets the tasks of students’ health promotion, their all-round physique, motivates students to systematically practice physical exercises.


Students of the University take top places at regional, Ukrainian and European championships and bring to their alma-mater cups and medals.

Sports units

There are 25 sports units for alternative types of physical and therapeutic-physical training development in the University:

- arm-wrestling, badminton, basketball, checks, chess, cross-country skiing, fencing, fitness, football, handball, heavy athletics, kettlebell lifting, orienteering, powerlifting, gymnastics, table tennis, tennis, track and field athletics, volley-ball, cricket. There is also a health and fitness centre, sports complex and sports and recreation camp.

Culture and entertainment

One of the many myths about medical students is that there is no time to have fun. Alongside your KNMU community you will be able to develop your interests, old or new. Taking part in extra-curricular activities is not only lots of fun and great for your social life but will help you build skills which will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life and help with your career goals.

Youth Centre of KNMU with a number of art teams works actively in the field of leisure time activities of students considering their interests and needs.

There are many national communities being organized at the University by different nationalities. There are Ambassadors’ official visits to the University, Medical International Conferences, International beauty competitions, Independence Day’s celebration, Parties and other activities. The most popular "Fair of Cultures" (representatives of such countries as Ghana, Nigeria, Vietnam, India, Lebanon, Syria, China, Egypt, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Greece and Ukraine) which is held every year on the territory of KNMU. Students may share their cultural traditions between each other.